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February 22nd

Help Needed on Decorative Knitting Needle Tops

Hello All,

I am wanting to start offering decorative single point knitting needles that are geared toward men. I need your help in determining what style tops would be most popular. You could call this market research.

Please take a look at the attached picture and post which style tops you like. I will take the input and use it to determine what styles I may offer.

February 20th

scottly's picture

Never say never

I've been so snarky about Fair Isle - it just seemed so preppy to me. But for some reason it sounded like a fun new thing to learn and here are the results.

This stuff is pretty simple as stranded knitting goes but I'm working my way up. I think Fair Isle socks may be my next project.

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Cotton threads

Quite some time ago, I acquired a takli and some raw cotton. In fact, there was a lot of cotton! I have two grocery bags of ginned cotton, which is quite a lot considering how much handling needs to go into spinning a small amount of cotton. It goes a long way!

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Knitting Group

I missed my first knitting group, I felt I needed to be by a friend that was admitting her mom into hospice. The group will be there next week..

Why isn't there chat on here?

February 17th


Mens knitting in Amsteram Netherlands

Hi guys. I will be taking a vacation in August of this year (end of month) to Amsterdam the Netherlands. I was wondering if anyone had any information of any mens knitting groups there? I have googled for the yarn shops and found several some close to where I will be staying please let me know.

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Knitting Group

I'm so excited, I just found out there's a knitting group forming nearby!! I hope I'm not the only man there!

I'm currently working on Mathew Gnagy's Carlito cardigan. It's going to be a challenge. I don't like simple, easy, quick to do projects. The more difficult the better. I will post some pics when I'm further along!

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Horror project for Christmas

True, Christmas isn't exactly around the corner but this project might take some time to finish, so I thought I'd share it well in advance. And we don't want Mrs Santa to have to be pregnant longer than necessary, do we? Good thing her baby is born fully clothed with a hat to make it easier to give birth!

February 16th

Shetland Fair Isle Pullover

This is a fair isle pullover that I designed and knit from Jamieson & Smith's Shetland on US#4 needles. I used about 30 different colors throughout, but only two at a time per round. Neck and armholes were secured and cut in the traditional method. All the color changes really kept my interest, so I finished it in week!

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coughing and sneezing and knitting

It's like this. I have the worst cold I can remember. I took a swan dive into bed a week ago and feel like I'm just turning the corner. The Kimberly-Clark Corp sent me a thank you bouquet for helping their stock market prices soar due to my abundant use of tissues. In between sneezing and coughing, I have been knitting like crazy to keep my hands busy.

February 15th


This is Marianne Kinzel's "Sun Ray" pattern from her "First Book of Modern Lace Knitting". I made it in 100% linen on US #4 needles.
The first half goes quickly, the last bit, not so much!