Archive - Feb 16, 2013

Shetland Fair Isle Pullover

This is a fair isle pullover that I designed and knit from Jamieson & Smith's Shetland on US#4 needles. I used about 30 different colors throughout, but only two at a time per round. Neck and armholes were secured and cut in the traditional method. All the color changes really kept my interest, so I finished it in week!

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coughing and sneezing and knitting

It's like this. I have the worst cold I can remember. I took a swan dive into bed a week ago and feel like I'm just turning the corner. The Kimberly-Clark Corp sent me a thank you bouquet for helping their stock market prices soar due to my abundant use of tissues. In between sneezing and coughing, I have been knitting like crazy to keep my hands busy.