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January 2nd

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Hey there!

hey hey! My name is Anders. Im a noob on these forums so I thought i'd say hello c: I am a fairly new knitter and so far my completed projects consist of 6 hats I knit for new years gifts and I am now working on a pullover sweater. I really would like to find a pattern for some knit pants or a knit jumpsuit so if you know of any free patterns for any of those please send me a link or something.

Starting knitting again

After several years' absence I have decided to start knitting again. I want to knit a replacement jumper for one of my favourites which now has holes in it where it was chewed up by my friend's pet rats!

Something simple to get me back into the swing of things with a basic 2x2 ribbed pattern all the way up.

January 1st

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New to Arizona!!!

HI Everyone!! I hope you all had a great New Years!! I just moved to Phoenix AZ, and wondering if anyone from Arizona can give me the names of some yarn shops that they frequent!!! I have had no luck in finding them. Also, are there any places that men go to knit? or knitting groups? I look forward to hearing from everyone!!!


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Hi guys I finally completed the Cuttlefish that I started this past summer. He was fun and