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January 27th

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Help Tim raise $1,500 for the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride

Our very own Tim Tenclay is raising money for the AIDS Red Ribbon Ride - which will help to fund AIDS Care Rochester ( He has a goal of $1,500... and he's currently at 13% to goal.

He is going to ride 400 MILES over 5 days - the least we can do is make a donation! :)

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A Little Bit of Success

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Treading softly into new territory...quilting?

I discovered in an old fashioned cedar armoire about 10 different quilt tops already sewn together by my mothers deceased biological mother (she was adopted) hanging on worn out hangers and still in good condition (moths never got to them) theyve probably been sitting there about 10-15 question is...I kinda would like to finally make them into actual quilts...anyone have any suggestions

January 25th

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It is 3:50 am and if I could sleep I'd be in bed, but I can't so instead I thought I'd post pictures of "Loxley," my latest Stephen West project. It's a sort of scarf/hat thingy and has the unusual feature of making it's wearer look endearingly medieval (or at least it makes The Best Beloved look endearingly medieval, but he's rather medieval to begin with).

January 25th

Lacy socks pattern

Hi guys!
So I decided to make my sister a pair of socks but im thinking a plain ribbed leg is a sleeper for a woman's sock. So far I haven't really seen any patterns that are lacy and really dynamic.
Does anyone have a pattern that I might use to knit sis some socks?

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Elektra Shawl

This is a shawl by the designer Romi (Rosemary) Hill. I always find her patterns a breeze to follow. It was knit using 8/2 variegated Tencel along with a single strand of cream colored rayon. It has 6/0 seed beads that follow the line of increases and also surrounding the larger three triangles at the bottom.

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The Brethren Sock

Just want to say how much I'm enjoying the knitting of our very own Mill's pattern - "The Brethren Sock". Thanks, Mill, for the great pattern.

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More Knitted Boxers Guys

Hi Guys,
Remember the Skacel knitted boxers KAL ? Well I joined in quietly at home - but never quite got round to finishing the project. At last I have finished mine - in time for the winter weather - and they are great. I'd really reccoment the pattern to anyone who has not knitted boxers before - great fun ! They'd be ideal for playing outside in the sunshine in the summer too - or for keeping warm underneath in the winter. Whatever floats your boat. More pics on my ravelry page.

Cheers lads.

January 24th

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Knitting with Two Colors - New Book by Meg Swanson

How lucky we stranded knitters are lately! Three new technique books in about as many months. The latest is “Knitting with Two Colors: Techniques for Stranded Knitting and Designing Color-Patterned Garments” by Meg Swanson & Amy Detjen, published by Schoolhouse Press.

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Foray into Fair Isle

Hey everyone,
Here is my first attempt at knitting fair isle. I designed the color pattern myself from a hat pattern used at a class taken at my LYS, Piedmont Yarn. I chose to end it with three-points and bound off using the three needle method (so cool). I love the way it came out - and my niece is going to love it!