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February 13th

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My Noro Hat

I just loved this was so easy, the little girl not smiling is "Lola"

February 12th

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Drama Drama Drama *Not particularly knitting related*

This weekend was the spay and neuter clinic that I always try to volunteer form and for the second time I drug Bob along for at least the first day. It's only fair that way, right? I didn't make him assist with unpacking/set up and the second day and packing up, so I thought I was being nice.

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Catching up

Hi everybody,

I've been faithfully lurking, but I haven't posted in a long time. So forgive the length of this - it covers several months, and I'll try to be concise.

Last July, our friends in Boulder had their first child - a lovely little girl. I made Jared Flood's Tweed baby blanket for her. It just so happened that I finished the blanket the day she was born.

February 11th

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Baby Alpaca

I just bought some baby alpaca yarn. Mainly because I want to see how it knits up for me. So far I like it. It is definitely a very soft yarn. Making a Celtic Cable Scarf. Expensive though. $17 a for a 126 yard skein.

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Knitting Needles in Space -- fun science

I like that an astronaut took knitting needles as part of his personal "crew preference". Here's a bit of physics that is a bit different from the physics of yarn. Just a fun thing to think about.

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How much is that Bear on the window

BearNumberOne (2)

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A little catching up

I have a habit of starting new projects when I stll have others on the needles. Then later (just like letting a room get messy and doing a massive cleanup) I feel the need to finish things. The first on the list was the socks I started this spring and sort of forgot about. Since I had yarn leftover from my sweater fiasco, I decided to make the toes from it.

February 10th

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A Bear in the Making


February 9th

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My addition to funny Looks

I sometimes will get a gig driving somebodies car from Connecticut to wherever. Sort of a quick side cash pick up. While waiting at the Fort Lauderdale airport for my return flight after one such job ( I had a few hours before my flight) I decided to pull out the Irish Hooded scarf I was working on for my roommate.

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mmmm I dont understand very well this new page I want share with your mys pics ???

Before I was tricoteur and I was a lot of pictures ???

and yes my inglish is veryyyy badddddddddd lol