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December 16th

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Just a simple hat

Even with the Christmas deadline approaching, I had to take a break from the coffee-with-cream sweater for my son and knit up a simple hat for a co-worker's son with a bit of color to it. I used Plymouth Yarn's Encore Tweed, worsted weight yarn that is 75% acrylic, 22% wool, and 3% rayon. I think that should stand up to whatever a 5-year-old can use it for...and it can be washed and tumble dried.

December 14th

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Suggestions for a Sample Afghan.

I hope this post finds you all well.

December 13th

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Christmas Balls

Here are two of the Christmas Balls I made.

One was done this year (red), one last year (green). They're not quite as perfect as I'd like (being pretty detail oriented!), but they are a lot of fun to make and are great practice at stranded knitting.

December 9th

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Sweater Torso Finished - Question about binding off

I have made it through all the trials and tribulations of the yarn I was moaning about in an earlier posting and am now at the bind off point of the sweater's torso.

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Inspired by the knitting on this blog.

Good Morning All,

December 2nd

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Dziergający Panowie//Men who knit

Thanks for comments elephant:) I do for my fanpage gallery "Dziergający Panowie it's polish "Men who knit". I give there photo men who knit with hook etc when he "work" ( If you want be a part that gallery can send me your photo with hook when you work:)


December 2nd

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What I've been up to lately

Haven't checked in for awhile, but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting! I just finished a Christmas stocking for the husband and a couple of pairs of socks for myself. The light grey socks have a spiraling pattern from contrasting knit/purl stitches - can't see it in the photo too well, but I am happy with the results.

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Joben's Back - Jane Ellison's Noro Men

Good Evening All,

Well the back for Jane Ellison's pattern Joben came off the needles just before supper. Thought you'd enjoy seeing the progress. It measures 22" wide X 27-1/2" long. Now I've got a major decision to make. Do I do it as a pull over as she designed it or put a zipper down the front as I have been contemplating. I think I'll sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

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Hallo, Bonjour:)

Hallo men, I am new. I want talk you good morning. I knit since I have 13 years. I want show you my last project. It's elephant doll for son my cousine.


Bonjour, Je suis nouvel membre de MenWhoKnit. Je tricotte depuis j'ai 13 ans. Je veux presenter mon recent projet. C'est peluche elephant pour fils de ma cousine.

November 29th

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The Sweater He Grows!

Hello men. I have made some nice progress on my son's sweater now. I am at the bottom of the torso and am ready to return to the smaller needles for the 2x2 rib stitch. Then I will begin on the arms, which shouldn't take too long. Hope you like it. I looks tight on me but it will be looser and a bit baggy on him, which is what he wants.