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September 3rd

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knit, Swirl!

Hey, is anyone trying out a Swirl by Sandra McIver? If you don't know what I'm talking about here's a link to my blog and on the right hand side of my blog is another link directly to the knit, swirl site.

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Haapsalu Shawl

One year after starting this it is finished. When it comes off the blocking pads I will post it to my sister-in-law. I did count the nupps but lost count when I got over 1000 lol

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There's Still Room--SEMKR

Just a quick post to let you know there is still room at the Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat. Interested parties should see the post above! Thanks guys.

September 2nd

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Bruce Weinstein Replies

I have to hand it to Bruce Weinstein (Knits Men Want). He is such a nice guy. I had a question about a pattern of his and thought I'd try emailing him. I was pleasantly surprised when he got back to me within 24 hours! He gave a short, but very complete answer. I am impressed when authors are available to tap for information and take the time to respond.


August 30th

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Maryland State Fair ribbons

The bedspread won First Prize: a Blue Ribbon, along with a Special Award: a big Yellow Ribbon, at the State Fair. There are four Special Awards given each year for what the judges consider to be the best entries. Mine won for Best Crochet. Both ribbons are given with a cash prize.

The Fern and Thistle Shawl won an Honorable Mention ribbon.

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Who's on Twitter? Let me know. My Twitter name is: @colagay

August 28th

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Kilt Hose Kilravock

KlingonHonorKiltHoses (2)

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OK, how many of you have ever done this?

I was doing a gauge swatch last night and the instructions specified stockinette stitch. I had already purled half a row where it should have been knit, so there was this weird rib where it should not have been. Watching TV then, I purled an entire row that should have been knit. I guess I just get into things and forget where I am.

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Scrambled Stripes Scarf

Good Morning All,

August 19th

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Sweater Progress

I am making progress on the sweater for my wife. She requested a very plain pattern and a calming gray. She's doing very well with her double-knee replacement surgery that was this past June, so calm works well for her just now. She has lost a lot of weight since the surgery because now she is able to get up and move around; walking around the block now without a cane!