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September 23rd

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Sweater for a Friend

My friend spent some time in the Shetland Islands and brought back some wool so that I could knit her a sweater. She discovered, while talking with the people at Jamieson and Smith, that originally there were few dyed colours and those that were dyed where rather vibrant and basic. She, therefore, bought some old colours and we came up with this pattern.

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EZ BSJ School House Press Pattern #5

Hi guys,

What a week. Just got back friday from Memphis. At 2:20 am tuesday morning the call came - my first grandchild was on his way and about to be born. Wife and I rushed out of the house and headed out of STL down highway 55 to Memphis (4 hours). Missed the birth by 9 miles. Mother and grandson are doing well and my son is as proud as can be. Who can blame him.

September 21st

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How to Start Your Week Right (my work week starts on Friday nights)

This arrived in the mail today and was waiting for me when I got up to start my day with dog walks and grocery store runs.

September 20th

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First Vest

My first vest in Rowan Colourscape Chunky

September 18th

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WIP and Travel

I'm working on lace again, though it's simple lace. Wasn't really planning to but typically, i was in a yarn shop and saw something I really liked, which seemed to scream the name of a good friend in Seattle, and since I'm visiting in October, what better excuse to buy yarn? I also love doing lace because it's "instant gratification." I.e.

September 17th

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Knitting retreat on Big Tancook Island

Hi guys, this is a little off topic but I am on the island this week to help Lucy Neatby with her knitting camp. She has thirteen knitters from as far away as Texas to the south and British Columbia to the West. It is a resounding success. They are here for a week. I was speaking about MWK and she suggested that she would be interested in doing one for the Men.

September 16th

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Will Knit For Food

I've been working on a book about how I went from homeless to knitting teddy bears to get myself up and taken care of. It still boggles my mind that I was able to actually make that happen, but had it not been for fellas like you, I wouldn't have been able to even feed myself.
So, take a peek at the photo, its the one I'll be using for the cover of the book. And if you'd like to know more:

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Men's long Johns or Thermal Underwear.

I have been knitting for years and My brothers and father both love to hunt. Every year they go and put on several layers of cloths and get into their gear and go out hunting. One day my brother Shaun came to me and asked me if I could knit him a pair of men's long Johns.

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I-cord & Scarf Border

I am going to be making a scarf of some design or another, but if I choose to stay with stockinette stitch, I will need to put a border at both ends and the sides to avoid curling. I recently read that someone put an i-cord on the sides but didn't indicate if that would stop the curling. I'm thinking it won't because the tension on the front and back will be different, thus the curling.

September 13th

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Harvesting Color - How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes

Last September I bought this book by Rebecca Burgess. She visited 3 natural dye artist across the US and in her book showcases 3 dozen common plants that yield striking hues. One of the places she visited was Hillcreek Fiber Studio in Columbia Missouri only two hours from my house.