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September 30th

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OT But Really Cool!

Hey guys! So I've mentioned before that I'm an actor, and even posted a little while ago about my upcoming show (That's Not Right... A Mistaken Cabaret). I wanted to share this with you, though, cause it's really cool- my amazing boyfriend is a graphic designer (a really awesome one, you should check him out: and he offered to do this unbelievable poster for me.

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Knit for Africa

It's been a very long time since I last posted something on this site, but I'm still knitting away no matter what. In fact I have join a army of women (and men) who are knitting for charity. 'The Fish n' Chip Babies in Africa' is a good cause: Every day babies are born into extreme poverty in Africa.

Finished my first knitting!

It took a while, was not that productive and speedy, but hey, I finished my first knitting! The scarf is ready. Almost 3 meters long and I'm happy with it.

I've added a picture so you can look at it. And when you are in Holland this winter and see a man walking with a long scarf and a big smile on his face: that's probably me :-D !

September 29th

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Rosemal - Knitter's Mag #96 Fall 2009 -Updated

Good Afternoon Guys,

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Siwash/ Cowichan Sweater Pattern

I am looking for the pattern for a Siwash sweater for men. It was originally called Cowichan sweater. While I am not particularly fond of the artwork that is usually found in these 1960s gems, I do like the design. Does anyone know of a source?

Here is site where I found the pictures of some.

September 28th

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Bennett's BSJ Done

Good Afternoon All,

My official end to summer - my pool was closed and winterized today. Had a great morning visiting with my landscaper to finalize the design plans for my back yard. Project should start in the next couple of weeks. Then spent the rest of the morning knitting. I am almost done with Bennett's jacket that I started last saturday. Finished the jacket this afternoon.

September 27th

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Men Who Knit on Dr. Oz

Greetings fellow knitters. Just wanted to let you know that a couple of weeks ago the Dr. Oz show contacted me about MWK. They were working on a segment about MWK (in general) and asked for pics and info. I just got word today that the segment will air on Wednesday, October 3rd. Check your listings to see time. I can't wait to see what they prepared from what I sent to them!

September 24th

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SEMKR 2012 Registration Deadline

Hey Guys! If you know anyone who is interested please let them know that I have set the deadline for this year's registration for Sunday, September 30th. I need time to contact all those involved and manage supplies, donations, reservations, and venue payment. You can PM me here if interested. Thanks!

September 24th

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I had several requests for a photo of the ES Adult Surprise Jacket I knitted for my wife. Here is a picture needs the buttons and blocking. I used a Noro for the stripping and a co-ordinated a honey brown wool to pair with it. I followed her pattern as written in School House Press Pattern #5.


September 23rd

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Old Forge

Hi Guys,