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September 13th

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Pattern writing question

I am writing pattern for stretchy tank top. The stitch pattern is four rows: one is all yo, k, the even rows are all purl back, third row is all skp.

Cancel membership

Can anyone tell me how to cancel the membership on this site? I looked in the My Account section and didn't see what I needed.

September 11th

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Update on The Hunt for a Great (handspun) Sock Yarn

I won't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but as some of you know, I have been trying to spin sock yarn and have an interest in finding out what works.
Our blog is
Any and all comments are of value, always appreciated. I am not "done" in my quest, but I have put in enough work to arrive at some conclusions so far.


September 10th

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New Wheel and First Fruits

The day before I went back to work (I am a school teacher by trade) I traveled to New Bern to check out a spinning wheel, and visit my brother and his family. We found the Majacraft Saxonie on Craig's List and the owner was willing to bring it to us. It turned out that my brother only lived a mile from Shirley, the owner.

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Happy Birthday?

I'm known to all my friends and family as the most difficult to buy for.. the man who has everything. I really don't have everything, but there isn't much that I want, so... I showed my other half the new collection of patterns that just came out on the Brooklyn Tweed website. I guess that opened the door a crack and the next thing I knew, he bought me a few patterns.

September 8th

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The Villages in Florida

Hi Guys! I am going to be traveling down to The Villages (32159) in central Florida Oct 3-7. If any knitters are located in that area, I'd love to get together. I will need a break from dear old mom anyway after the second day, I'm sure. Email me if you live nearby and perhaps we can share some coffee, conversation, and some knitting time.


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Yarn Down Under?


It's been a while since I've posted - I want to write up a longer update of my journey post-tennis elbow surgery, but for now suffice to say that I'm back to knitting and even, nine long months later, back in the pottery studio.

September 7th

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My Latest Project

Hi Guys,

Since moving to a warmer climate some 7 years ago where knitwear is only needed for a couple of months a year I have been knitting squares for charity as I have plenty of jumpers in 'stock'.

This rug is for St John Ambulance and they send them somewhere overseas, Africa I think. I got this one from my sister and I have modified it to suit.

Stretchy knit. What's up?

hello all,
A few years ago when i first started knitting I made a baby sweater. all went well except that the work was a little stretchy. being new, I was very careful to keep my tension even and to match the required gauge.

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Update on the hunt for handspun sock yarn

All right. I have not forgotten anyone. I will just post a couple of updated photos in my quest for perfeect handspun sock yarn. I am planning a full description of this saga on my blog, but right now third skein is not all plied, so here are just 1# and #2.