Archive - Sep 7, 2012

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My Latest Project

Hi Guys,

Since moving to a warmer climate some 7 years ago where knitwear is only needed for a couple of months a year I have been knitting squares for charity as I have plenty of jumpers in 'stock'.

This rug is for St John Ambulance and they send them somewhere overseas, Africa I think. I got this one from my sister and I have modified it to suit.

Stretchy knit. What's up?

hello all,
A few years ago when i first started knitting I made a baby sweater. all went well except that the work was a little stretchy. being new, I was very careful to keep my tension even and to match the required gauge.

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Update on the hunt for handspun sock yarn

All right. I have not forgotten anyone. I will just post a couple of updated photos in my quest for perfeect handspun sock yarn. I am planning a full description of this saga on my blog, but right now third skein is not all plied, so here are just 1# and #2.

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Just another pair of socks

A friend in our local knitting group gave me a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock that she'd bought in England. So in a fit of originality, I knit a pair of plain ribbed socks out of it. They almost match. I actually often like it when they don't match completely.

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Winter projects

Pattern from a Vogue Knitting book 1961