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July 8th

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Cardigan Border Suggestions

I am making a cardigan for my wife and it's a standard raglan design. The pattern says I should just pick up the stitches along the right and left front panels and do a garter stitch for about 6 - 10 rows or so...about an inch to an 1.5 inches. I was wondering if there are any slick ways of knitting a border with a bit more interest and just join the border to the panel as I knit it?

July 7th

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New Knit Simple is coming!

Hi All - Check out the new Knit Simple, Fall 2012, with my latest designs.

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Snow Drift Afghan

Well I am at the point of sewing up my first sweater. The Orange hoodie I made. Nervous, never did one before. But I think that if I take my time it should come out okay. Now I am starting an Afghan. I think this one will come out good too.

July 6th

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Fiber Trends Easy Lace Wrap

Hi All,

Toe up Socks victory

A couple of months ago I whined about how hard the going was on a toe up sock project I was working on. Luckily I listened to all of you, I did finish that pair and just to really be sure that I had the process down, I started a pair for me (now remember I was taking a break from knitting. I think what i really meant was a break from gift knitting).

Here's what I've noticed:

July 5th

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A F.O. with a below-the-belt name...

I've been a bit scattered with my knitting lately...a couple pairs of socks on the needles, a lace shawl that was going great till something got ripped out by accident and I haven't had the courage to wither tink back several rows or try and reconstruct it. And I'm 1/4 of the way into a Spectra scarf, thanks to someone who shared it here. :)

July 4th

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Roman Stripe Stitch Prayer Shawl

Just finished a prayer shawl using James C Brett Marble Chunky yarn. Thanks to Johnny Vasquez at New Stitch a Day, I learned how to do the Roman Stripe Stitch. He has THE BEST tutorials! The shawl is a combination of the Roman Stripe and stockinette stitch and contains a great palette of colors and texture.

If you aren't familiar with Johnny's work, got to

July 3rd

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Next time, just say "It's magic"

We were up in San Francisco for the weekend and managed to wander past the famous SF yarn mecca, ImaginKnit. Wonderful store, btw. I love that they have so many finished objects lying around for inspiration.

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Blocking Acrylic

Do you guys block acrylic and if so how? A new great niece/nephew arriving in January and I want to make some things. Or maybe you can direct me to washable wool products. I guess I could use sock yarn.