Archive - Jul 14, 2012

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Started My Checkerboard Blanket

Let's see, got my normal dishcloth projects moving along, my primal scream socks starting and yes my newest the Chekerboard Blanket that is designed to be a baby blanket but since this baby is 6 foot 3 needs modifications :) ..... 38 1/2 inches square just wont due. Sooooo......

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Snowdrift Afghan Pattern - as a few of you have requested

Here is the pattern that a few of you guys have requested of me. Enjoy and Happy Knitting.
Snow Drift Afghan

Approx. 53" x 62" before fringe.

Whatever worsted weight yarn you are going to use. 29"circular needles No. 8 or size to get gauge of 23 sts of 1 pattern repeat measuring 4-3/4 inches and 6 rows = 1". Crochet hook No. 5 or F.

Errata, anyone?

OMG! Why do I look patterns and dare myself to do them? I bought the ellington pattern from Cookie A and have been struggling with the first ten rows. For some reason when I get to row 6 on the chart, I start finding problems, like my stitches aren't matching up with the graph.