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June 18th

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Raglan Sweater Progress

After the success of the first raglan sweater I made for my mother, I thought I'd try a much heavier one for me to wear while hiking in the sub-zero temps here in the Chicago area in the winter. I found the following Web site that uses a percentage method of making a raglan.

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I found this (see attachment) at my mom’s house this weekend.

It was laying in the room that I stay in when I’m there. No one is sure of where it came from.

It’s a Coats and Clark (makers of Red Heart) Jiffy Accessories to Knit and Crochet pattern book. It was printed in 1961 and sold for 29 cents.

And let me tell ya folks, the patterns are HORRIBLE.

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I took a class in sock making with magic loop, the yarn is cascade sport and it SUCKS. I have to knit so slow as to not split the yarn, if the yarn splits it becomes a design element because there's no way to put it back so as to make it look correct its just a bunch of frayed strands. I think this will be the last pair of socks I ever make.

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First blocking project

Just finished a scarf using the box stitch which is 6 knit 6 perl for 6 rows then switching the knit for perl and perl for knit. Well it curls so I got some wool soak and what a difference. The wool wasn't the nicest but its for my dad, the soak softened the wool and relaxed the stitches I had no idea it would do that.

June 17th

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Action-packed Father's Day Weekend

Not really, well, kinda.
My mom went into Atrial Fibrillation out of nowhere early Friday morning, so I rushed back to my hometown about 6 hours earlier than planned. She is fine now, but had us scared for awhile.
I did get a lot of public knitting done in the ICU and waiting rooms.
I visited my grandmother in the nursing home today. The grandmother who taught me to crochet.
I showed her the shawl I was working on.

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Joining yarn with a knot

Have any of you guys used this knot?? I usually use the spit join but am knitting a shawl with Madelinetosh superwash merino and it doesn't felt. My sister-in-law sent me the link.

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Millard Fontenot?

Has anyone heard from Mill?
He used to be active with the "Knitting Mill"... But I've sent messages here and on ravelry...and no answer..l
Just hoping he's OK..

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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day goes out to all the happy knitters who have kids for whom they have so feverishly knitting everything from hats down to socks. Our kids are so wonderful to accept...and even wear...all our "creative" garments. As fathers, we have broken the mold of what standard dads do with and for our kids. We've added the art of knitting.

June 16th

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Belated introduction

I realize I posted some ramblings on my blog before I properly introduced myself.
I'm Brian. I'm 36, live in Columbus, OH, and am addicted to yarn and knitting.

June 15th

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double-strand Whelk Stitch prayer shawl

I've enjoyed learning how to do the Whelk Stitch, courtesy of our friend, Johnny, at New Stitch a Day (great video tutorials), and tried using two strands of Lion Brand Baby Soft to make a prayer shawl. I'll take it along when I go to church on Sunday. And speaking of Sunday, Happy Father's Day to the dads who knit.