Archive - Jun 7, 2012

My first sleeveless summer sweater.

Just cast on yesterday. My first sweater!! Finished. 2/2 3 inch ribbing.
Now onto 17 inches of stockinet 11 inches already compete.

Reglan top down sweater pattern for men

Guys can you help me find a pattern for a reglan sweater? Top down. Just lookin for a basic pattern with come cabling.
Thanks Richard.

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Greetings From Nampa Idaho :)

Well well well... a bunch of boys who knit. We have always been around. Just takes the internet to bring us together.

Hi, I'm Gnosis. I live in Nampa Idaho (for now). How I got here I'm not quite sure. Hoping to move to the banks of the Snake River soon. I've liked knitting all my life but never had much time to devote to it until now.