Archive - Jun 2, 2012

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Bionic Family

Please keep my wife in your prayers. She joins me in the world of replacing body parts. She undergoes double-knee replacement surgery on Monday, June 4. She supported me during my hip replacement back in November, now it's my turn to be the caregiver. She'll be in hospital and rehab for about 3 weeks. If you are in the Chicago area drop me a line, I would love the company and the diversion.

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Members section

Can anyone tell me what happened to the button that you could click on for the members list? I haven't used it for ages and couldn't find it when I needed it tonight. In the meantime, does anyone have any fibre contacts in Barcelona? I will be there for a few days in early September and would love to connect with local men knitters and spinners. Thanks for any suggestions - Phil

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Well, you asked!