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May 31st

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2/3 done on the latest project

since i got pretty comfortable with stranding 2 colors, i figured i had to now tackle a 3 color project. here is where i'm at so far.

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Am I obsessive?

I started knitting 3 months ago since then I have knitted 6 scarves, 4 wash clothes, 1 throw and right now I'm working on some aunt maggie's slippers for my parents. Should have them completed before the weekend. My next project is a boneyard shawl for a niece. So, is this to much for 3 months?

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My blog post about the 2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat

Hi guys, I wanted to share my blog post from today about the 2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat. It's hard to believe that it was almost two weeks ago already. If you've never been to one of the Men's Knittting Retreat before, I strongly encourage you to go at least once.

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On a crochet kick

I was looking at the photos of the people I follow on Instagram and noticed one person crocheting a ripple afghan. So, I decided I was going to learn the pattern. After a few searches, I found a pattern and picked up the crochet hook. Here are a couple that I have been working on. Planning on these being Christmas gifts for my niece and mother.

May 30th

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lace shawl

I'm almost done with this beautiful pattern.. will be blocked after it's finished ...fingering weight yarn.... size 4 needles

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New Top-Down Sweater Knitting book

I have exchanged emails with Kristin Spurkland, author of The Knitting Man(ual), regarding help with patterns as well as to get her advice on knitting projects. She's a neat lady. Here's a link to a new book that is coming out that is all about top-down sweater knitters. She is recommending it.

May 29th

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Whelk stitch prayer shawl

Thanks to our friends on New Stitch a Day, this old dog learned a new trick and applied it to a prayer shawl that I am knitting for a friend going through a rough patch. He requested something acrylic so it could be easily washed (chemo issues). The texture of the fabric is almost blanket-like and very soft.

May 28th

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Baby blanket

I just finished a baby blanket for a friend's daughter using an arcylic/cotton blend. It's lightweight and easy to wash. THINK: baby spew.

May 27th

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Sun Satchel by Stephen West

Colonial UnitySatchel (2)
My dye job was perfect no bleeding