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April 30th

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Rainbow Ruffle shawl

Hi Everyone,

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Dismissed By Gay Men.

Here's a paragraph from my last blog entry on my own site:

I felt it was necessary to share with all of you.

April 29th

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Hermit Crab

Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you a hermit crab that I knit from a pattern by Hansi Singh. It was a project that I started last fall. We were in PA visiting my parents and on the way home I wanted something to work on. I ended up getting most of the legs done on that trip.

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Guernsey scarf/wrap

Jared Flood has created this pattern using a number of guernsey stitches linked together with a few rows garter and purl rows. I used an 8ply New Lanark wool from Scotland instead of the 10ply worsted yarn suggested, and a 5mm needle. The wool was coarse to knit with but softened up nicely after soaking. Blocked size is 36cmx188cm (14"x74")

April 27th

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Wine Bottle Cozy

Here's a simple wine bottle cozy that I worked up to give to a new friend of mine. I am so glad I have learned to knit and can add my personal touch to a gift now. It was fun! I used Sensations Lustrous Lamb Soft Wool Blend (80% acrylic and 20% wool). The skein lists the gauge as 18STS/24R, 4x4. Adding the cables was interesting because I used size 4 needles.

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Called out for Knitting

I haven't posted in a while but needed to rant a little (please forgive me because I can't do this on Facebook). I am a teacher by trade and today was a workday. I knew I would be in meetings until lunchtime so I took a scarf I was working on (my wife and I are doing a bazaar tomorrow and I was working on inventory).

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Arrowhead Blanket Pattern


April 26th

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Wool in Portugal...

Stuck at the airport waiting for a very delayed flight to any knitting friends know if there are any yarn stores worth a visit?


April 25th

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It's That Time Again...

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Yarn. Fiber. Lamb burgers. Fry cakes... On the inside, I am a little boy dancing on tippy toes, playing with my fingers, vibrating with excitement and anticipation of wandering through aisles and aisles of roving and dyes, spinning wheels and knitting needles, watching sheep dog trials and farm boys, I mean, livestock. I cannot wait!

April 23rd

Brioche stitch description wanted!

Well, I'm looking for a hand-knit instruction for this: