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March 2nd

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Coming To Minneapolis

Sunday I'm heading out to Minneapolis for some work related training. Naturally I want to check out the Local Yarn Stores and a possible knit night. According to Ravelry there is a Men's Knit Night that meets on Wednesdays. Anyone out there who goes to that? I'm going to be there until Thursday, so I'm thinking of knitting related excursions either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

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Men's Swap

Is anyone interested in having a men-only swap? Not jock straps, but anything depending on a questionnaire that we fill out. Maybe with a $10 or $20 limit.

I’m involved in two swaps on and thought it might be interesting to swap with other men.

Basically, depending on questions that the swapper answers, the partner picks a bunch of items to swap with them.

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Cable Knit Wrap & Hat

I finished (almost) a wrap and hat for my grandmother. She says shawls are for old ladies so I have to call it a wrap...which it is so it's all good. I'm in love w/ this yarn Filatura Lanarota Alpaca Cloud. I bought a bag of ten for $30 at Smiley's Manhattan Sale.

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A Bunny For Easter

For any of you out there who want to knit up a bunny before Easter, my pattern actually only takes the experienced knitter about 5 hours to whip up. You can find it on Etsy and on Ravelry. Enjoy! And if you can, share your pics of the finished bugger, I mean BUNNY!

March 1st

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Basic Pullover Vest in progress

The back is done and the front well under way. I told you all that I thought this would be a boring knit but it’s not that bad - I barely have to pay attention and the baby alpaca is delicious to work with so all in all I’m kind of enjoying it.

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Baby Blanket

I finally finished this and have another to make. They'll be just alike don't want the mothers to be jellous