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March 9th

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday Every one. I cant wait to get out of work and go home and relax this weekend. Don't have much to show right now. Had started some sock but I've started them over three times already. Trying them tow at a time but some how I got my pattern all tangled the first time so pull off the needle and restarted.

March 7th

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pattern confusion

i am making lace sweater in round. have split at armholes and completes back to collar edge castoff

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Braided Kappe's and Kelp Groves


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Carolina Fiber Festival--Men's Meet Up

The Carolina Fiber Festival is in full planning mode as we speak. It will take place May 18-20, 2012 at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. For the second year in a row it will be held in the Jim Graham Bldg. It is part of a Grand Festival called "Got to be NC."

March 6th

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Qiviut lace scarf

After three months and 150+ hours, I finally finished a qiviut lace scarf for my mother. The scarf was knit with Moco Yarns natural fingerweight qiviut blend (45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk). I used a #1 needle with a gauge of 9 stitches/12 rows to an inch. I was really captivated with the project...the yarn was so soft and downy....I often knit an hour or more a day on the scarf.

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Side Panels are Complete

I'm just clicking along and I now have each side panel complete. Thanks to all for your nice comments!

March 4th

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Celtic Knot

I am looking for a pattern for a Celtic knot to put on the sides of another Scrabble bag that I am knitting in the round. The bag is 40 stitches wide using an acrylic/wool blend yarn that is 6 sts/inch on US5 (3.75mm) circular needles. It would like the knot to be about 2" x 2". I have looked online and in a book, but can't really find one I like that is self-contained.

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The Humble Washcloth

Hello all. Since January, my main focus has been on my prosthetic technology classes which are going very well. Each day I am learning so much. Knitting is not my main focus these days. At the end of my long day, I sit and knit a couple of rows for about 5 minutes before falling asleep. I have been making very simple cotton washcloths (using garter stitch, seed stitch, and linen stitch).

March 3rd

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Berkeley Springs, W.V. Stitch n bitch

Just putting this out there.

Any knitters near Berkeley Springs? I've started a Wednesday knit group at Earth Dog.


March 2nd

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Ridgeway Lite from Cabin Fever

Has anyone ever made the sweater called Ridgeway Lite from Cabin Fever? It's seamless and knit in the round. I found a blog that featured it and I like the look of it. But, before I spend the money on it, I was wondering if any of you guys have made it? Thanks.

Ridegeway Lite Seamless Sweater