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February 29th

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Best iPad case

Well, that's how it's billed. Here is a video where you have a chance to win two of them! But more importantly, take a look at the design, and think: can I do this? Of course you can!! It's a nice design, and simple to do. Some of you have iPads (I don't) so you may want one of these for yourself.

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Sharing a washcloth pattern I wrote.

Here's a link to a seamless, circular washcloth I posted at Ravelry in 2010. I wrote this pattern to get rid of the usual sewn seam. The grafted "seam" creates a piece of knitting with no apparent beginning or end.

It takes less than 3 hours to complete and the Hexagonal version can be used in a pieced afghan when worked in worsted weight yarn.

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Just had to share my February garden

This is St. Louis in February 2012- my favorite winter of all time.


My first daffodil in February ever.


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Dragons - one crochet one knit!

In a previous post I said I was knitting a scarf from son of stitch and bitch to which i added a Dragon panel - well it's finished now so I thought I would share it. horrah! I also crocheted a dragon for one of my great neices so I thought I would show you that too.

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First panel of sweater project

Thought I would share the first panel of my first sweater. Definitely my largest undertaking to date.

February 28th

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What's with the shout box?

Every time I try to enter anything I get a "validation error." Earlier I'd log out and back when that happened but now that doesn't work either. Any clues?

February 27th

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Zauberball Socks and a Toque

I knit another pair of zauberball socks (2.25mm needles) and had enough left over to make a spring toque on 3 mm needles. I used my mother's recipe for decreasing which is done in about 5 or 6 rows and was able to use up all the yarn. I am going to Canada for a visit and will use this for the cool evenings in the spring.

February 26th

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Toronto area knitters

A note to anyone in the greater Toronto area: David Armstong will be giving a presentation at the next Downtown Knit Collective meeting ( on the subject 'Caring for Wooden Fibre Tools'. The meeting is on March 21, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, at Innis College, 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto.

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It Just Goes to Show.....

Not sure exactly what. But I'm sure it just goes to show something.
Sometimes things are just so scary that you have to buy them.