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January 25th

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The Brethren Sock

Just want to say how much I'm enjoying the knitting of our very own Mill's pattern - "The Brethren Sock". Thanks, Mill, for the great pattern.

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More Knitted Boxers Guys

Hi Guys,
Remember the Skacel knitted boxers KAL ? Well I joined in quietly at home - but never quite got round to finishing the project. At last I have finished mine - in time for the winter weather - and they are great. I'd really reccoment the pattern to anyone who has not knitted boxers before - great fun ! They'd be ideal for playing outside in the sunshine in the summer too - or for keeping warm underneath in the winter. Whatever floats your boat. More pics on my ravelry page.

Cheers lads.

January 24th

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Knitting with Two Colors - New Book by Meg Swanson

How lucky we stranded knitters are lately! Three new technique books in about as many months. The latest is “Knitting with Two Colors: Techniques for Stranded Knitting and Designing Color-Patterned Garments” by Meg Swanson & Amy Detjen, published by Schoolhouse Press.

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Foray into Fair Isle

Hey everyone,
Here is my first attempt at knitting fair isle. I designed the color pattern myself from a hat pattern used at a class taken at my LYS, Piedmont Yarn. I chose to end it with three-points and bound off using the three needle method (so cool). I love the way it came out - and my niece is going to love it!

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May Day, Spinning May Day


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Knitted Royal Wedding

Came across this today as I was watching Graham Norton clips. :)

January 23rd


trying to knit hearing Adele!

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You're a Scruffy Old Bear, But I love You.

I get some awesome emails from people all over the world with something of the same theme: they're now grown adults, with children of their own, still holding on to a teddy bear given to them when they were tots. Some are hidden in closets, some are proudly on display, and some have been heir loomed off to a younger generation who we all hope will cling to the little bear with love.

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I knit, therefore... you are warm? :)

I have been a knitter and a part of this community (mainly on Facebook) for some time now, so I figured I could introduce myself shortly :)

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Cold Winds Require Warm Hobbies

And the Wyoming Winds have returned with more gusto than ever. Last week they swept into the Casper area with a small yet beautiful break Thursday morning. Then they blew back in and brought a bit of rain and snow with them Saturday night. One must love horizontal precipitation no matter it's make-up when living in Wyoming.