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December 26th

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Spoiled and Love It!

My wife and son are so giving. I am so spoiled. For Christmas, they gifted me with a beautiful set of Addi click circular needles. They also bought me some additional cords, connectors, a couple intermediate-sized needles, and a cool collection of 101 Stitches on individual cards with pics and pattern, similar to a calendar.

December 25th

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Mary Maxim: Angler's Pride.

All I have to do is whip in a zip, zip, zip and my new/retro jacket/cardigan is complete. I'm hoping to find someone more skilled than I in hand-sewing to put it in for me-- I've never done a zipper. But I might just give it a shot if I can't find someone or the price isn't right.

December 23rd

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Cardigan, Just in Time for Christmas

My wife wanted a simple, plain cardigan with no short sleeves and no buttons. She requested grey so that she can wear colorful shirts underneath to jazz it up as her mood changes.

The pattern is Tweed Cardigan by Rebecca L. Daniels of Interweave Knits.



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Christmas greetings

Happy Christmas, New Year and Holidays to all who celebrate them.

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My first Cardigan

My first attempt at a cardigan below. Just finished it and am very proud. Its a bit large around the chest for me, but I think i know now how to change that measurement in future. I now need to think of my next project. Hmm!

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Completed "Sweet Tomato Heel" socks

Hi everyone, I finally completed the socks that I started last month. I've
nicknamed them my Oscar The Grouch Socks because of the distinctive

December 21st

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Noro Sweater Com'n Along

Hello guys,

December 20th

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Greetings of the Season

I try to at least read the posts here, and haven't had much time for writing anything new or responding to anyone else.

I look around and can't see much that I've done, but I've been busy with something, I know that! There is a reason they call this the "silly season".

December 19th

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Knitted Necklace

My first jewelry and bead project. I used Lion Brand steel/wool and glass beads from the local bead store in VT. I also picked up Toho Shoji magnetic clasp and metal rings. I love this project so much I went to Habu Textiles and bought three more yarn choices and some semi-precious beads, etc (in NYC). The LYS in VT loved it so much they want me to teach a knitting w/ beads class.

December 18th

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Need some opinions

So a very famous knitting teacher (Cat Bordhi) is coming to my area. I want to attend a class and she will be teaching 3. She will be at a yarn shop that is not my favorite, but I go there when I need something I can't get elsewhere. My wife and I have been fair customers (we live 1.5 hours away so we can't go weekly).