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January 5th

Research project

I am currently working on the article for Canadian Craft Journal that looks at designs for male knitters in pattern books.

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2011 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - Registration Open

January 4th

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Basket Weave Beanie

So I took the Handmade Hat patern and kinda twisted it around a bit and combined it with one that I found through Ravelry (Basket Weave Baby Hat)… I had a few extra stitches, so there is a 3 stitch

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A Slice of Summer In Winter

The weather outside is frightful.... How about a slice of watermelon to celebrate?

Fresh off the loom!

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Addi Lace Clicks

Is any of you having issues with the addi lace clicks? If so, please let me know. I have some questions for lace clicks owners.

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Orenburg shawl

A few months ago I finished this Orenburg shawl. The design I found on the net, but I had to completely redraw it, as the chart was so filled with errors that it was impossible to knit.

January 3rd

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finished a norah gaughan scarf

well, after trying to make this scarf about 10 different times, I finally finished it and want to show it off just a bit.

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Lacquered Wool

this is a knitted and lacquered wool coat. I saw one by Chrome Hearts that had black leather applique on black lacquered cashmere. Totally changes the wool on the outside.

January 2nd

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New shoes for a kitchen chair

I tried those stick-on pads for the bottoms of chair legs so they don’t scratch the floor and they kept coming off. So I crocheted some shoes(?) and they’re working brilliantly.

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Another Hat

Here's another hat I'll be sending off to the boys in San Francisco. I used bamboo needles this time, so it ended up being a tighter stitch and a smaller hat. Go figure!