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February 8th

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oh dear knitting gods, i promise to weave as i go on my next fair isle (if there is a next fair isle) project if you would just make this one go easier. arrgggghhh.

February 7th

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It's been a busy winter....

Posted this to the Fiber Arts Blog at the Times Union this morning, and since I haven't posted anything here in a while, it seemed like a fitting thing to repeat here.

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Interesting news story.

...about a knitted room all for charity.

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Clockwork: the Man Shawl


I finished Stephen West's Clockwork yesterday (you can find it on Ravelry here:

February 6th

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I don’t view this farm as home any longer. I view it as a place of stasis and recuperation. I want to go home. Back to Savannah. I miss it too much.

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Men Who Knit Near Berkeley Springs, WV

Are there any Men Who Knit near Berkeley Springs, WV?

I'd love to knit with some guys in Berkeley Springs.

February 5th

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The Cable Man

I'm the cable man! Or should I say cable knitting mad. The problem is once you've worked your way around the obvious classics, finding new patterns is quite hard.

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Another Cowl

Just finished my second cowl. This one is of 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I wasn't sure if it would help to soak it and then flat dry it, but it did even out some of the stitches.

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I'm working on my first project, a simple garter stitch scarf, but as I progress the number of stitches increases, and the scarf keeps getting wider and wider.

February 4th

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the great american aran afghan

Hi everyone just a quick question does anyone have any suggestions for different squres for the great american aran afghan I dont want to include some of the squares in the one i am working on i would