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February 13th

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Any interest in an East Bay Men's knitting group?

I just started knitting last summer and have really enjoyed it. Are there any other knitters in the SF East Bay area?

Men's Fingerless Gloves

What a ditz! I was so excited about finishing these gloves that I made the post and didn't include the photos. I feel I've worn them out since then. Houston has had unseasonbly cold weather.

February 12th

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I still can not do this

as per the crochet blog it is not easy to do some of the crochet things I have found.

February 11th

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An APP For Knitters

Nothing annoys me more than reading a garment pattern that tells you to increase or decrease evenly across a row or round of stitches, and lets you figure out how to do it.

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Is there knitting snobbery?

A really close friend was here on the farm to visit with me a few days ago. As we moved through some dinner and gossip, we found ourselves both picking up projects we were working on.

February 10th

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Scarf project

I knit this scarf using 100% bamboo yarn on a US #6 needle. It is a broken rib stitch pattern - then hearts knitted onto one end.

February 9th

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Phillip's Teddy

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Profound gratitude

To all of you who answered my cry for help regarding adding stitches to my first scarf, I am most sincerely thankful.

February 8th

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Little Black Purse, to Match a Little Black Dress

The perfect little black loom knit purse!

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Happy Knitting Anniversary

I'm fast approaching my first knitting anniversary, March 20, 2011 and plan to celebrate by purchasing a set of addi clicks.