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December 29th

Xmas 2011 Challenge

Whether you are a newbie or ancient to fibre arts, including knitting, joining a group that gets together to share and educate is essential to advancing your skill set. Finding the right group is important too because you must feel the comraderie that will befall you. After testing many different sets I finally found a niche group that feel most comfortable belonging to.

December 28th

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Finished Hat

I just want to thank all the guys who helped me with the jacques cousteau hat i was knitting. I think it came out pretty good. I will post a pic when I get back to work and have access to a computer ( my laptop hard drive died a couple days ago - ugh). Can't post pic from my iPhone.

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Weaving Tails

I am so excited, I learned a new way (well new for me) of joing yarn when I run out and have to start a new ball/skein. It is called the Russian Join. Here is a link to the youtube video showing how to do it.
I am dancing around the living room singing "no more weaving tails" over and over again. My wife is looking at me like I'm crazy. Whatever! I like this russian join technique.

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The Ansley is finished. 'Bout time.

I know, a month was a bit of overkill for a single sweater but in reality, it was only about three weeks. You see, I got the actual knitting done the day I returned to work, but I didn't do the seaming until the day after Christmas. Why you may ask? Because I despise sewing in all forms. Quite literally. Just not a fan.

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Santa wants me to knit.

Or so it would seem, based on my receiving nice gift certificates to a couple different yarn stores. They'll keep me busy for some time, unless I suddenly have the urge to work in cashmere. Highly unlikely.

Getting a knit on

It has been a very long time since I posted on here. Missed it actually. Thought of it often. Anyhoo, since the last post so much has happened in my personal life. Far too much tragedy. Had to see a therapist and a few weeks ago, after months of strugglng, she pointed out that great strides have been made and asked that one question that I never seem to be able to answer.

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A little segment on our local Fox channel's evening news

This was shot last month at Trumpet Hill, my favorite LYS. I'm uneasy having my picture taken, so having a TV camera pointed at me was actually downright frightening. But still, I'm always happy to advocate for and encourage men who knit. I think the final piece came out quite nice.



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Stuck on Seed Stitch here

hey guys ... I just started knitting a couple years in NYC and am thankful for PURL in Soho..
want to break out of scarves ...starting on a blanket... love the seed stitch.. any men's knitting groups here in NYC worthwhile?

December 27th

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American Beauty Rose

I am looking to find the American Beauty Rose pattern for afghans. Does anyone know what it is? I found it online in Ravelry and it references the book The Ultimate Book of Afghans, but I was wondering if that particular pattern can be acquired without buying the entire book. If not, then I'll probably spring for the book. Thanks.


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Bound for Ankeny…Iowa…

I will be in Ankeny Iowa for 3 days/2 nights and am thinking I need to find a yarn shop or 2 to poke my head into. Anyone have a recommendation? My husband and I are going to celebrate Christmas with his kids and grandkids. I am bringing 3 projects with me and want to prepare 2 more, to make items to go with one of the projects.