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September 5th

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FMKR in the Pacific Northwest

I just got home from my first retreat. Wow! What a great time and a great bunch of guys! I can't wait until the southeast retreat now. :-D

September 3rd

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Just lazy I guess.

Considering the length of time i've been on this site I figured it was time to say something. I do keep up with what's going on though.
Currently I'm working on the edging for the Edgewater Shawl and just started a vest of my own design when I found a bag of med brown alpaca in my stash.

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Only a few spots left....South East Men's Knitting Retreat

Just a short note about our first retreat. I have been planning in between working (school just started back and we are having our second 3 day weekend). We only have about 3-4 spaces left, and need to go ahead and get them filled so that I can give final numbers to the retreat center (book another cabin) and to our donors.

September 2nd

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I've been invited to lead a couple of knitting workshops, first twined knitting in Stockholm and next month lace knitting in Uppsala, and am having a lot of fun preparing material and swatches.

Not to mention sort of relearning the techniques (studying and finding the words for what my hands do more or less automatically by now) to be able to explain them well.

September 1st

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Flubs and Fun

Last posting I had a little on blocking. After I got that all done and posted and happy with myself I realized I screwed up the edge. Why didn't I take the pictures of the final products downstairs with me you may ask? Who knows. I tried to do some doctoring but I wasn't horribly successful since I blocked that pointed edge rather aggressively.