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September 17th

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Almost one year of knitting

Currently working on knitting gifts for Christmas. Fortunately, everyone seems to want a scarf. Slowly but surely learning new items to knit.

September 15th

I have decided to try writing a knitting blog.

Here is the address if you are interested:

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Almost finished with Project

Several months ago I bought a book about board knitting. I thought you would only be able to do one of two stiuches with it but found out that there are about 30 to 409 stitches in the book and even cables. I set out on my first project and am almost finished with it now. Just a simple stitch done on the 10" board.

September 14th

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The Sirens beckoned me...and I went....

I know I'm a very "young" knitter, and when I joined this group, I was all into loom knitting. I still enjoy it, and am working on a baby blanket for a friend's granddaughter.

September 13th

Knitted Bath Mat

I have to say that I really like this bath mat. I did it in my usual dish cloth style except that I made it rectangular shaped and it is made of 3 yarn thicknesses (cotton yarn). I would be curious if someone had any idea of how to make a toilet lid cover in the same pattern. I just love to knit that pattern!

September 12th

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Estonian Knitted Lace exhibit

There is a FREE exhibit of Estonian Knitted Lace (mainly shawls) coming to
the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley. It will run from September 14th thru February 4th. Great Photo tour at .

September 11th

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Sexism on Display

Wondering how many have seen this particular video? I don't get offended easily but I really don't like what's going on here. What's even more disappointing about it is that they have a knitting blog:

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Herringbone Jacket

Last February, my Hunny-Bunny and I celebrated our 30th anniversary (I am sooo old). I asked him what he wanted as a gift and he replied that he wanted me to knit a cardie for him. But, it was to be over-sized so he could wear it over his sweatshirt and flannel shirts while working in the garden.

September 10th

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Help with Matthew Shepard Scarf

Could someone explain this part of the pattern for me.

At the end of each rs row and the beginning of ws rows there is a sl1 pwise in the pattern.

The slipped stitch never seems to get picked up in this pattern and I end up with a loop starting from row 1.

Is there something I'missing?

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Does anyone know how old this craft is?

I was just reading something that describes knitting as an “ancient practice”. Is that true? For something to qualify as “ancient” for me it would need to come from the time before the fall of the Roman Empire, i.e., 476 AD. Does anyone know how far back knitting goes?

PS I got the 476 AD idea from the Merriam-Webster.