Archive - Sep 30, 2011

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In an adventurous mood.

I felt like undertaking a new adventure yesterday afternoon, so I brought out this sock yarn I had purchased not too long ago and found a online tutorial on how to knit socks. The sock could look a whole lot better but I'm not going to complain too much about it since it is my first try. I didn't pay too much attention to the leg portion because this was just a practice sock.

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Just a rant.

For a while now people have told me that I do not knit right or correctly. I have been told, but not told why or what I was doing wrong that truly said that I was not knitting right. I've been told I don’t knit right because I hold the yarn in my left hand, as far as I understand that is a way of knitting. On this site I have been told that I twist my stitches, I did not know what that meant.

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Christmas Knitting

I got a bit of knitting done this week. Two sets of the needed eight pairs of Christmas socks done. I'm making them out of Cascade 220. It's a really affordable wonderful wool yarn that comes in a great color selection. It can feel stiff while knitting but it really softens up with a washing when it's all done. It's almost as great as their Eco Wool.

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ruffle scarf

I'm trying out short rows after a long hiatus.

Ruffle scarf for the wife. As per her request. It's turning out amazingly well and going along nice and quick. Lace patterns are beyond my expertise yet so its a simple knit stitch scarf. Nice and warm for cold British Columbia winters.

I'll post progress pics as soon as I figure out why my camera won't load pics.


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Questions for a Friday

Hallo! Haven't posted in a while but have been lurking about. ;-]

Haven't really finished anything, too darn hot in central CA to knit in the summer.

I have a couple questions for a Friday:

a) What knitting apps do you recommend or not recommend? I'm iphone specific, but if you have an Android app opinion, I'm sure someone would find it useful.