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I'm using this product for the first time. Evidently rinsing isn't necessary which is nice if your concerned about conserving water or saving time. Aquae is the scent I purchased and it is very nice. I'll get back with you once the piece comes off the blocking rack (my 2nd floor hallway).

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Beware of Alligators!

One of the more recent projects I've made is another "toy." I like how portable they are to work on since they're mostly done in small parts. And I've become quite fond of the piecing together stage for some reason. Mattress stitch is our friend, after all!

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#6 V-neck Hoodie

New men's pattern, new men's pattern:

Knit Simple Holiday 2011 courtesy of Paul Amato

Hits newsstands October 5th 2011!!

Look for it. Designed by yours truly!

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Up to no good

Well, actually I've really just been up to knitting. Some of it's not all that good, but some of it is decent if I do say so myself. All most all of it recently has been Christmas knitting. Yeah yeah, I'm not normally this prepared but I decided to try giving preparedness a try this year.

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Had to share this pic

It really does say so much about who I am and the things that matter to me. The beat up wooden chair I knit in, my knit teddy bears, my boots in the corner, crazy Mario in the window....and sunlight.

As bad as things are, you won't see the light if you don't look up. :)