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August 21st

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Provisional Cast On Preference

I'm just curious. If you were working on a project with a provisional cast on, would you rather pick up stitches and knit the next part from the bottom or knit the next piece separately and then graft the two together? Personally, I'm tending toward the grafting bit but, again, I'm just curious as to others' preferences.


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FO, among my first

Now that I think about it, this is among the first serious projects I started, and the fourth I've finished.

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Boyfriend Socks

We all know about the "sweater curse," but is there a general knitwear curse too? Hope not, because these are for my b.f. :) The pattern is "Jeck" (free Ravelry download). It's a nice easy sock and the slip stitch rib makes for a nice contrast of color and keeps it interesting.

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Knit Alongs

I am really thankful for the weekly knitting group I attend. The ladies have made me feel really welcomed and I've learned so much from them. I am the only male that attends and they have been both gracious and extremely helpful.

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Almost Done

I am almost finished with JAne Ellison's Akeno from her book Noro Men. I've completed the back, both sleeves the right front. Just started the left front then have to piece it together and knit in the hood and sew in the zipper. Should have done by the holiday weekend and will post a pic. PAttern is easy and completes fast.

August 20th

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Men' Shawl or Stole

Does anyone know or have a pattern for a rectangular stole or wrap for a man (me)
Am only a fairly basic knitter, but just starting the Asherton Scarf

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Interesting Article and Link

Hi guys!
My wife found this article about knitwear for the home and thought you all would enjoy it.

Knitwear finds cozy spot in decor

I also found the artist Bauke Knottnerus who is referenced at the end of the article. Fun art out of knitting.

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Scarves for Special Olympics

I'm not sure how many peopel know about this, so I decided to toss it onto the site. The U.S. Special Olympics is looking for scarves for all the people who are involved. I've added the website to the bottom. Check it out. If you're not working on a project and are looking to, it's a good use of time!

August 19th

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Addi Clicks in my humble opinion

When I first learned to knit almost 8 years ago, I started out with the usual 2 pointed sticks. Since I am an academic wanker, I had to read all I could find on knitting during this introductory phase. Interestingly, at that time I could find only a couple of authors who talked about circulars and these vigorously maintained that circular needles were the only way to go.

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I'm Yarnworthy!!!

Hello Everyone!

I've been on the Facebook Men Who Knit site for a while and love the interaction there and finally took the time to submit my request to be with the big boys here in the full website!!!
After only a few hours of waiting I have been deemed YarnWorthy by the Creators of this wonderful site, the guys with the big balls of yarn! LOL!