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July 18th

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So many memories.

Quinton beat me to it but here's my "Thank You" to Brady and Frank for the great Knitting Retreat and all their work to make it happen.

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Post Retreat Blues

My first all male knitting retreat was fantastic. I would like to thank Frank and Brady for all the work they put into it to make it the event that it was.

July 17th

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Boneyard: Done!

Finished up Boneyard early last week - got unexpectedly busy with the Dalai Lama being in town for the Kalachakra and just now getting around to posting pics.

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Another Christmas Project on the horizon!

I'm going to be working up the Snow Forest Yule Table Runner/Napkin Rings by Hazel Roots and was wondering if anyone has already done this.

remove marker, slip stitch, replace marker. Why?

July 16th

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One step forward, one step back...

I am all finished kitting the body and the lace edging for the Triangular Summer Shawl in Nancy Bush's Estonian lace book.

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Suggestions for an executive style scarf to make with this beautiful Alpaca yarn?

I was back visiting my brother and his family in Omaha over the 4th of July holiday and decided to make him an executive style scarf for Christmas this year.

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More socks

I have always tried to knit a pair of socks every month besides my other knitting. However, they have become my favourite thing to do lately.

July 15th

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Ok, started a jumper with this amazing Alpaca but...

By the time I got to the armholes (knitting the beast in the round) I realised:

1. I don't like Seed Stitch en masse

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Interviews With Fellow Men Who Knit!

I’d like to introduce you to two unique fiber artists: Michael Leach, who is on a fascinating two year quest to master the art of knitting and crocheting.