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May 13th

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Just Ordered....


Pay Attention!!!

I like to knit while sort of watching television---got to the heel on my sock, turned said heel and proceeded to knit the foot---got to end of foot, still watching Say Yes To The Dress, and turned ano

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Personal Grooming and Travel

So, we're getting ready to hit the road early tomorrow morning to see the Grand Canyon, and some other national parks along the way such as Zion and Grand Staircase.

May 11th

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Fixing stitches

When working on a project, sometimes I notice that several inches prior to where I am, I have done a few knit stitches instead of purl stitches.

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"Nupp?" Or nope?

Hi guys. I've started a new project, the Triangular Summer Shawl from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book by Nancy Bush.

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Need needles?

Hey everybody, just thought I’d let you know of a contest (raffle) I’m having on my blog where you can win a set of Interchangeable knitting needles and help a good cause at the same time.

May 10th

You've all been busy!

Wow. I had a little too much internet (but have a really nice place on farmville due to it) and was feeling a little burned out on it. So I took a rest.

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South East Men's Knitting Retreat**Info and Poster!!!

Just posted more info at the Men's Knitting Retreat Group (SEMKR Forum) on Ravelry. Has price breakdown and links. PM me here or on Rav.

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SO, thanks to you fellas, I'm pretty damned close to selling my fiftieth bear on Etsy! Yee ha!!! That to me is quite a cute little milestone.

May 9th

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we are famous!

OK... I don't read (Russian?) - but some of the MWK boys are featured in this blog:

I saw MMario, Aaron, myself, Craig...