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May 18th

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South East Men's Knitting Retreat**

Just in case you did not see at the top of the page , I have posted new info at Ravelry for the South East Men's Knitting Retreat.

May 17th

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Dish Cloth Leaves

I found this pattern on one of the free pattern sites and though you all might like to see it. I'll be taking them down to FL in a couple weeks for dear old mom.

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Heading Home

We decided to head home today after getting snowed on North of the Grand Canyon with a sick Great Dane. Its hard sharing a sleeping bag with a shivering dane and getting any sleep.

Has anyone heard?

Has anyone heard from Millard? What with all this nasty spring flooding mess in the Mississippi river valley, I am concerned and hoping that Millard and the tiny Suki are safe on very high ground.

May 16th

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Fixing Stitches and a quick way to do a 1x1 cable stitch without cable needles.

Hello everyone! I took your advice and braved the stitch repair in the new afghan I am making. I found two purled stitches six rows back.

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PA yarn shops?

I am currently in Pennsylvania (Bloomsburg) visiting my parents. I will be here for the week and wondered if anyone could recommend any good yarn shops in the northeast part of the state?

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Picking up stiches?

Hi Guys,

May 15th

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Knitterhood of the traveling socks

Gotta love a good road trip... it was a great morning at Castle Valley.

May 14th

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Bamboo Spinning

May 13th

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Knitting Books

Hi all,