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April 21st

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Awesome in laws!

I got a package from Matt's mother yesterday.

They had been down in Moab (UT) and she visited an LYS where she picked out three skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend for me.

April 20th

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New Digs...

Well I’m moved into the new office, right across the street from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL. I don’t like the new digs because it takes me longer to get to work and longer to get home.

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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

While I am still knitting my fingers to the bone... currently doing a rectangular shawl in a modified Feather & Fan for a friend/co-worker... I am headlong into weaving.

April 19th

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Polaris a Weaved Tote Bag

April 17th

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Knit your own Royal Wedding

Thankfully, my partaking of the Royal Wedding will be limited as I'll be cooking and probably finishing my tie for my own do ... but if you're in need of a stash buster....

April 17th

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Hi Gents

It has been way too long since I have been here. It has been a long hot and wet summer so my needles went into hibernation!

Autumn is here again so I am geting back into it!

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Top Down Hat

I have found a few patterns online for top-down knitting of a stocking hat. I find it very difficult to manage things and get the knitting to be what I would call the beginnings of a proper hat.

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Seed Stich decreases...Wedding tie!

Dear friends,

April 16th

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Hemlock and Old Lace

Hallo, all! Long time, no post from me.

Grad school tends to do that (as well as lack of project focus. I feel like a real knitter now, I have 4 projects all on the needles at once!)

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Standards to High

So, I've been waiting all week to post here because I wanted something completed to show for my time.