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April 25th

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Mommy´s Pashmina

Just sharring my progress on the pashmina wrap im working on =)... im soo happy on how its coming together =)...

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Dad is now a knitter

Had a great time with the family at Easter, and got a wonderful surprise. My 76-year-old dad brought out some socks he had just finished and showed them off.

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Bunny Slippers

The following slippers are loosely based on a pattern found in a book. I honestly can't remember the name of the book, but even if I did, I don't think I'd share it here.

April 24th

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Sky(e) caps

A few weeks ago a friend of mine said some mean boys on her daughter's school bus took her favorite hat and threw it out the window. Can you imagine. I guess I can actually.

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Happy Easter

I saw this image and it reminded me of the many rows of knitting we all do.

April 23rd

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Jogless Stripe Hicking Socks

This pair of socks were knitted using a pattern, designed by the talented Mr Millard Fontenot.

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Saturday Spinning

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Melanie Shawl

Hey guys. I just put this shawl onto wires to block it.

April 22nd

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Afghan - Only 317 rows to go!

I found this afghan in The knitting man(ual) : 20+ projects for guys and the people who knit for them by Kristin Spurkland. It's called Seaweed Throw.

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Two Easter Projects

A beautiful cross with a lily, in time for Easter!

Get your hot cross buns, fresh from the oven!