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March 9th

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Long time no post...

So it's going to be a long post LOL. Was just cruising around the internets and found this and wanted to share. It's from a 1920's woman's how to for crochet and knitting.

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Men's Patterns Needed for a Knitting Magazine.

Hello All,
A recent knitting friend of my landed a job as the Managing Editor for a nationwide knitting magazine. They are light on patterns for men and they wish to include two patterns for men in the magazine.

If you would like the opportunity to publish patterns, please let me know and I will connect the two of you.


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Argh! Need more help!

First off thanks to everyone who helped me understand this pattern.

March 8th

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A new shrug

Hi all, I've been admiring your beautiful work.

Here’s a cute little pink shrug I’m working on!



Though not knitting...I am becoming fascinated with Tatting. I have never done it but it looks so cool...and a great way to have something easily portable to work on.

March 7th

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Scarf Weaved and ready to block

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Quick baby blanket

I used 600 yards of Encore acrylic yarn on US size 8 needle to make this newborn sized blanket.

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North Sea Shawls and the Tweed Baby Blanket

So, I attacked that new project like I had stated I would after my little fit of bragging. I have an attached pic. Sorry about it looking heavenly with a slight glow.

March 6th

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Video Tutorials - Magic Loop Sock Knitting

Here are some video tutorials that I found to be very useful for knitting socks. Hope they help those who are struggling with this craft as I do.

Is this site active anymore?

Is this site active anymore? It seems that all the posts here are years old. I am looking for some info/feedback but it is hard to get if no one is using this site.