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March 14th

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Lengthening a short hat: grafting in ribbing

I recently knit Jared Flood's Habitat using his yarn, Shelter. The thing that bummed me out was the way it came out a bit short.

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Need Help - putting a pic into a grid, part 2

Thanks, Melbcub. I'd appreciate it. I attached the file as a pdf because that's the way it was generated. I don't know what kind of file is needed, or how to change from a pdf to something else.

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Taking Measurements...

Good morning guys,

March 12th

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Mittens in the Round

Hello all. I am getting the hang of knitting in the round. I just completed the first of a pair of mittens done on double pointed needles. At first, things felt very clumsy and awkward.

March 11th

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Need Help - putting a pic into a grid

Hey guys. Does anyone have the computer program to split up a pic into squares? I saw it here a while ago, and I thought I saved it but can't find it.

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My prayers go out to all of the people of Japan. I just heard that they were hit by another aftershock (6.6) 12:15 p.m. mountain time.

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Staying Awake

So, here I sit on a Thursday night trying to keep my eyes open by knitting like a mad man on a baby blanket so I can go back to work tomorrow night. Needless to say, I'm failing.

March 10th

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Beaded Hat

I adapted this beaded hat from a pattern on this site. It was called a Devil's Peaked hat I think. This came out a bit large and floppy with all the beading.

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Worked Up

Sitting here, the second day of a dismal grey mess in the sky, a week now since a disastrous break up working up a pair of socks for a partner I no longer have.

March 9th

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Rainbow Squares Afghan

Hey guys. I just finished another project. This one is from a 1984 Brunswick pattern mag, Cozy Afghans, volume 843.