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March 17th

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Knitting with 1000 strands!

Here's an amazing video of a Rachel John knitting 1000 strands of yarn into a small mattress. Amazing tribute to perseverance and a sense of dedication to a curious form of art. Enjoy.


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New Free Pattern

Hey guys! I have a new free pattern available at The Knitting Mill . It's a customizable electronic cozy.

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Sweater Questions

Yikes! If you have knitted sweaters and give give me a suggestion, please help! I my have over shot my front sweater panel by 1/2 inch.

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Knitting in Rage!!!

Okay so it is a good idea to knit while so darn angry???

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Cableing without

So on Monday I spoke on designing at a new LYS, Yarn Tree Studio, in Raleigh NC. The shop has a great selection and the owner, Lynn is great hostess.

March 16th

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Finally got around to taking a pic of my Boneyard Shawl

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FO to you too, past week.

It's kind of been a crappy week all the way around. So have some finished objects!

The Completely reversible scarf pattern from Honey Lane Farms done in Mochi Plus which is 80/20 Merino/Nylon.

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For one night, we were the majority!

Last night was knit night at Borders. I'm pretty used to being the token male in knitting circles, but recently there's been another guy.

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Preparing for a cruise

Okay so not that many people book a cruise just to sit around and knit. But that is what I decided to do, maybe I should have book the trip a little sooner to avoid such high airfare.

March 15th

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Blue Chips

Hi guys, whaddya think? Shameless Promotion again. Knitter's 101 Winter 2010 has just come out and there is a men's vest that I designed. Let me know what ya'll think.

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