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March 31st

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Antonina Savel'evna Emelianova's Central Asian Slippers by Daniel Schultz (aka daninaa)

It takes me about 3 or 4 times to knit something before I get it the way I want. I am now into my third version of this slipper. So I think I might be getting close.

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The Shawl... Unblocked

So, I was finally able to get this done.

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Inserting a lifeline after the fact

I’m working on a double-knit pair of fingerless gloves. Like most of my projects it’s a learn-as-you-go affair.

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Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny...bawk bawk

March 30th

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Very Pink Videos

For those of us who are visual learners...and who isn't?'s a good site. Debbie has a very good way about her tutorials. Sometimes she goes a bit too fast, but you can always watch them again.

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Epic fail of the year!... I tripped and fell in mud while wearing hospital scrubs and white lab robe. EXCELENT laugh for everyone including myself...

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The yarn from my Sunday Spin

March 29th

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Teaching the dog to knit

Thought you guys might enjoy this shot - I'm watching TV and knitting (Portuguese style) when Jampa, our 18 month old Tibetan mastiff, climbs onto the sofa and lays her head down on my arm.

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Just a bit of spinning on this day

March 28th

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Is There a Difference Between These Stitches?

So, I'm looking at an SSK and K2TOG through the back loop and I'm not seeing a difference. Is there a subtle one that I'm missing or are they the same thing?