Archive - Feb 18, 2011

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Patchwork Quilt

Hey guys, I know its not knitting!!! But i thought i'd show you the progress of my patchwork quilt. I'm very excited about it.

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Future Fiber Artists

So, I am wanting to make a proposal to my principal about maybe starting a Fiber Arts club at school.

I am so very glad I found you-all!!!

I knew I was not the only guy who knits, I just didnt realize there were so many of us.

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I got in, I got in!

Well, hello...

Wow - what a great community! So glad to be here.

Knitting news from chilly South England -

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Field Trip

Today our second graders are going to a play which means about an hour on the bus there and an hour back. I get extra knitting time today! Hooray for Field trips. Now which project to take!

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Chunky Zimmermann

Hey folks,