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December 11th

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Rolling with the punches...

So I've recently abandoned my Xmas gift project for my bf. Started an afghan for him, though we broke up tonight, so I won't be working on that or thinking of afghans for a bit. Knitting's gonna get me through this break up though. Gonna hit the yarn store today and see what I come up with...will you keep guys posted as to what's to come.

December 11th

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Joining a new ball of yarn

As you all know, I've done a good number of projects since I first started knitting 15 months ago, some large, some small. I always run into the same problem. When it's time to add a new ball/skein of yarn (same color), I struggle with how to secure it. I have watched videos about the Russian method of weaving two pieces together, an invisible method of braiding, even spit splicing!

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Another First....

Socks for my husband.

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thoughts on turning a flat pattern into one that is knit in the round


I'm about to start a new sweater (Nancy Salcedo's Men's Lattice) and am wondering if it would translate into a pattern I could knit in the round.

Any thoughts?

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Dallas Knitters?

Anyone keen to any Dallas knitting groups? Knitting has always been a solitary activity, and when I knit around my bf, he complains that I'm not "in the moment" which I totally am, lol. Anyway, lemme know if anyone knows of any groups. Thanks!


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Hi. My name is Eric, nice to meet everybody! It doesn't look like there have been any new posts in quite a while, I hope this forum is still active.

I've been into fiber arts for quite a while, but I only recently decided to take up knitting. I also crochet, naalbind, knook, weave, and spin my own yarn.

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knitting L.A

does anybody know about a group in L.A
would like to join or establish one.. silver lake area

December 10th

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Feeling like a Beginner

Hi all. Time flies. Two weeks until Christmas. I have been learning and practicing Barbara Walker's 2-color slip stitch "Mosaic" technique. My local yarn store had a fun small two sided bag project using Ms. Walker's technique. The sides were attached using the I-cord bind off. It could be a small bag (or a fancy pot holder). It was the prefect size to practice on.

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my first project

hi! im new to the site and just wanted to share my first completed project! :D

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SKYP sock

These were completed last week. I wanted to make a pair of socks for my mother, I had the yarn sitting here for a long time, asking to be knit into socks, but I needed to find the right pattern.