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December 14th

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A Lull as the Sweater Never Ends

December 14th

Holiday gifts in progress

I'm furiously knitting away to complete many of these

and these

Happy Holidays

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Teddy Bears

This is my Teddy Bears.
These are Christmas presents for the little ones.

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This is my own wool that I have dyed and done my own spinning for on my Spinning Wheel. This is my first project that I have posted. It was done on a Triangle Loom.

December 13th

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YO at end of row...

Hey guys....I started knitting a swatch of a single motif in the lace pattern I chose ( One row of the pattern says to yarn over at the end. If its meant to increase a stitch, how will it do this if there isn't a stitch left to knit after it. Specifically I'm talking about row 27.

Thanks guys.

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Gills Neck Gaitor

Check out the attached image of my neckwarmer design called Gills Gaitor. It's available as a free download at (Click the free patterns link, and then Simpliworsted Patterns.) Skacel sponsored a one skein project competition among the participants at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat.

December 12th

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Clive's gansey

My partner Clive knitted this Elizabeth Zimmermann Gaffer's Gansey for himself in 8ply (DK)wool using 3.25mm needles. He is not a member of MWK so asked me to put it in my blog.

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Zauberball Socks

A friend gave me three balls of Zauberball Crazy from Germany. This colour is Summer Meadow. It is lovely to knit with and I am pleased with the finished product. It is a single ply yarn and I used 2.25 mm needles.

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First project done....Wooo Hoooo!!!

Hey guys I am proud to say that I have just completed my very first knitting project....Of course it is a scarf. :-) I'm not sure if I should put a fringe on the scarf. I am open to suggestions.

Here is a pic of the scarf. On to the next

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Sweater Sleeves

Gang! I am just finishing up a set- in sleeve hoodie. Does anybody have suggestions as to sewing the sleeve seam before sewing it to the bodice or after the attachment to the body of the sweater. Thanks, Bill