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December 21st

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Gansey Sweater

Has any one knitted a Gansey sweater. I was wanting to try one. I attended a Beth Brown-Reinsel workshop for mittens. Now I want to try a Gansey Sweater. Trying to get up the nerve to start after the holidays.

December 20th

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Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting - Great News!

Great news for Fair Isle enthusiasts! I just discovered that the old Starmore book has been reprinted and is now available. I'm happy about this but there is a certain sting remembering how much I paid for my then out-of-print copy!

I think this is the very best book on stranded colour work technique ever.

You can find it on for only US$19.77!

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200 Fair Isle Motifs - New Book

This week I finally received the newly released book "200 Fair Isle Motifs - A Knitter's Directory" by Mary Jane Mucklestone, a well-known knitter and designer. The book, published by Interweave Press, has 208 pages and is printed on glossy paper with page after page of colour photographs.

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So, so close...

December 19th

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top down knitting

i am ready to take the plunge

any recommendations for top down knitting? there seem to be a few and i wanted to reviews from the men on which ones you liked best

December 18th

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Thought you might find this amusing.

This was in my local Sunday comics today.

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What was your first fiber art?

60% (49 votes)
28% (23 votes)
1% (1 vote)
1% (1 vote)
9% (7 votes)
Total votes: 81

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Two of my main presents are done.

Two of my main Christmas presents are done. An Afghan for my mother in law and an Irish hooded scarf for my wife. Both very fun to do.

December 17th

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Hi Everybody

Hi. I'm new to the site, thought I'd introduce myself. It seems like everyone just uses the blogs, it wouldn't let me post in the forum.

December 15th

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Seamless sweater?

OK, so like I told Quinton in another post, I'm working on a theoretical way to make a sweater with no seams. I think I have the idea in my head, except for one place, which I'll mention in a moment.