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Knit knit slip stitch

So I am not happy with this decrease. I am unsure as to whether I knit when I am decreasing at a purl stitch or if I purl the purl stitches...argh! I am considering frogging back to the first decrease and do a simple ssk decrease. Any insights, guys?

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A Joyful Holiday

Please ignore the screeched curses from the kitchen and the banging of pots and pans as I pretend to be calm about tomorrow's dinner. Instead listen to the true intent I hope my voice has as I tell you all to have a wonderful holiday, regardless of whichever holiday you may celebrate with the returning of the sun's light.

Brickwork scarf

Thank goodness I remembered to take photos of this scarf before wrapping it up today!
It's a bias lace pattern of my own design, based on the brickwork aisle at the church where Bill plays the organ. And yes, men CAN wear lace.

More details here:

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Happy Holidays Everyone

NookSimpleTouchWeaveCase (5)
A little Holiday Weaving just for fun and

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Seasons Greetings

all my wishes for the new Year

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Scarf done in time for Christmas

Well it's done in time for Christmas. Finished it last weekend and for using scrap yarn I liked the finished results. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Kindest Regards to all,


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Mutlu Noeller!


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God jul!