Archive - Nov 10, 2011

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Help me win a piano!

Totally not knitting related, but I would love everyone's help in winning a piano. All you have to do is go to and "like" the video I uploaded. If I get enough votes, I'll win a piano!

Thanks in advance!

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Firefly Foxmore Scarf

I fianally found time to photograph and post this little ditty. It was a fun continuation of my love affair with Elite Classic's Firefly yarn. It's a Rayon/Linen bland and great to work with and really illustrates the magic of blocking. I really like this lace pattern, simple and elegant.

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Looking for a pattern that will go well with multi-color yarn

i have yarn that i got from a friend that's very nice. it's a multi-color yarn that was hand-dyed. i want to make a scarf out of it. i found a pattern that i liked, so when i knitted about 2 inches, the pattern was there, but it was covered up by the busy-ness of the randomized color patterns.