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October 1st

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blocking liquid other than water

Can anyone think of, or has anyone heard of a non-aqueous, pre-blocking, soaking liquid? The deal is I’m working on a double-knit rug made out of jute twine. I’d like to soak it in an effort to even out the stitchery a little. Knitting with jute is a little like knitting with wood.

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First finished scarf

This was the first knit project I started, and one of the first I finished. The yarn (yes, cheap acrylic, but I'm glad I learned on that) and needles (size 10) were both gifts from a friend switching to crochet. (Actually, the herringbone scarf I've posted is for her.) It is all done in bamboo stitch with a garter edging. It's about 7' long, which is about what I wanted.