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October 7th

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Shawl for my sister in law

Been knitting flat out to get this finished for Thanks Giving this weekend as my sister in law will be visiting. Made three pies and a doz butter tarts today so have a jump on dinner for Sunday, we are having a dozen or so family to the farm (Iknow have 7 chickens) so I call it "The Farm" lol.

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Survey on Ravelry

I just found a survey about "Gender and Knitting" over at the "Needlework News and Events" forum on Ravelry. It's only aimed at American Ravelry users and the person conducting the research would really like input from men. I found it pretty easy to take and got it finished in less time than estimated by the surveyers. If you have a Ravelry account, I urge you to go over and complete it.

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Square Shawl

While in Mexico, I made a shawl for my niece and just now blocked it when I returned to Canada. I used Marianne Kinzel's pattern - "English Crystal", 350 gm of Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith in Scotland, and 4.5 mm needles. I knitted on a sideways border of 8 stitches (knit 4, yo, k2tog - every row). I blocked it out on a king size bed to about 66 inches square and scalloped the edges.

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The Coytown Panda

I live in the most interesting neighborhood of Orlando. Coytown, just north of downtown is a vibrant, young, energetic, and artistic few blocks of old concrete ranch style homes from the 70's. But, the coolest thing about Coytown is its Asian population. The community of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese is so vibrant and strong that even Publix has signs out front written in Vietnamese.

October 6th

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Slip Stitch Projects

Some of the completed projects. See what the slip stitch technique can produce.

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Fall, and knitting, I swear there's some knitting in here. It's kinda near the end.

Today was a... good day. A very good one. I know many other Casperites would not consider a day that took turns spitting at them then showing sunny skies while trying to blow their clothing about their heads before torrential rains in said wind soaked them and buffeted them on their way home before clearing and showing them the dusting of snow on the mountain to be particularly good.

October 5th

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Needle Sale at

I just got an email that Patternworks is having a sale on all their needles - 15% off. This includes the interchangeable sets. I thought I'd alert the MWK members as there may be some who are looking to add or upgrade their needles.

Happy knitting from Middle Earth!

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DPNs vs two circular needles vs Magic Loop for socks

Yes, I've been bitten by the sock bug. I've been learning how to knit socks using DPNs but I noticed that there is usually a gap where the instep and gusset meet. So, I was wondering if using either two circular needles or the magic loop method would help minimize this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Joining cast-on ends on a circular knitting project

Does anyone have a tip or trick of a good way to join the
cast-on ends of circular knitting without the stitches twisting?

October 4th

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Some try outs.