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October 28th

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The days are shorter and colder

I'm back.

Anyone miss me?

It's getting cold out there, (and in here, too...time to turn on the heat)

Time to go through the yarn bins and get those needles clicking.

Cheers. I missed you, too.



This is the day of my retirement. As of 5:00 pm today, I can stay up late and knit as long as I want to. My new gmail address is in my profile. It is-- I don't have a computer at home and until I do, I am going to have to go to the library once a week, or so, to keep abreast of the current happentings in the world of MENWHOKNIT.

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Dazed and Elated post Christmas Knitting


October 27th

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Raglan help!

Hi guys!

I need some help (yup, more help...). I've been working on a raglan hoodie, last night i finished blocking both sleeves, the front panels and back. Today as i went to sew the back panel and front to the sleeve, i notice the raglan on the sleeve is about an inch shorter than the other two pieces.

Is there any way for me to fix this without having to redo both sleeves?

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Flying geese mitts

Just getting packed to head out for a month of work across our great land. Wouldn't be winter travel without my flying geese mitts. These are in my high school colors. I also made a companion fingerless pair in gray and black. Gonna be a chilly month of travel between CO and NY. But someone's gotta do it :)

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Are knitted iPad sleeves safe?


I was just wonderingif anyone has encountered problems using a knitted sleeve for ipad or iphone.

I was about to make one when the IT guy at work told me i should avoid it as it would generate static which would be bad for the ipad.

What are your thoughts.


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Owl Mittens

Motivated by Millard's sweater, here is a pair of mittens I knit in the spring for my partners niece, mine are stranded and of course made from Drops Alpaca (I continue my love affair with alpaca) lol.

October 26th

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What a hoot!

A kid's jumper with an intarsia owl graphic

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Scarf for my man

Just finished a seed stitch scarf with a garter border made out of this incredible hand-dyed wool we found on an Alaskan cruise last year. Love how the color travels. Off the needles a night ago. Picture attached.

Hands are itching for the next project.

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Sally Melville, New Friends, Renewed Spirit

As a belated 40th birthday gift, I had the pleasure of taking 3 knitting classes this weekend with the wonderful Sally Melville. She was kind, generous, and a wonderful encyclopedia of knitting knowledge. I am now ready to tackle knitting with more than one color (at the same time, on the same row) which most of us know as Fair Isle, though this is not true Fair Isle, so I learned this weekend.